Trust Fund Management and Philosophy

Deseret Trust Company operates four Common Trust Funds. A common trust fund is a vehicle through which we can combine the assets of many participating trusts into one pool for investment purposes in order to realize the benefits of central trust fund management, economies of scale, and diversification. All of the participants in the Deseret Trust Company Common Trust Funds are separate trusts managed by us. Only charitable trusts and trusts with irrevocable "entirely charitable remainders" are eligible to participate in the Common Trust Funds. Only the liquid assets (cash, listed securities, and so on) from these separate trusts are eligible for investment in the Common Trust Funds.

Deseret Trust Company operates one fund with a view primarily toward capital appreciation ("Growth Equity Common Trust Fund"); one with a view toward capital appreciation and income ("Equity Common Trust Fund"); one with a view toward safe levels of high income ("Fixed Income Common Trust Fund"); and one to serve as a money market fund ("Short-Term Investment Fund").

The Growth Equity Fund has a portfolio of mostly common stocks selected for their potential for price appreciation; the Equity Fund is similar, but with more dividend-paying issues; the Fixed Income Fund portfolio contains primarily medium- to long-term interest-bearing securities; and the Short-Term Fund contains very short-term interest-bearing securities.

Few of the trusts managed by Deseret Trust Company use a separate portfolio of marketable securities. Instead, most of the trust's liquid assets are invested in units of the Common Trust Funds. The units represent the participating trust's proportionate share of the total assets held by the Common Trust Funds.

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